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Or maybe these could be your giants left behind.

The Second Major for the year which will be organized by WePlay under its first ever anime-themed AniMajor is just around the corner, and everyone’s excited, except for the fans of the teams that didn’t make the cut.

While most teams are currently waiting for the event to start, top-tier teams such as OG, Fnatic, EHome, Elephant, OB.Neon, Na’Vi and Thunder Predator can’t wait for it to end as they will be left out of place to sit down and watch the Major, after falling short in the qualifiers.


OG, arguably speaking, could be the Gods of Dota, but not this time as the two-time The International champions will not be participating in the most awaited AniMajor after the team fell short in the Season 2 of DPC.

Ceb returns, N0tail goes mid, SumaiL goes hard support for OG at the  WeSave! Charity Play | Dot Esports

Despite having the humblegod Ana himself, OG still fell short, and had what it seems to be a very problematic DPC Season 2 run as their organization fell from different backlash following their behavior towards Alliance, PSG.LGD, and Midormeepo, Team Secret’s social media handler.

At the closing of the second season, the team also had a controversial roster change after subbing Ana out and putting in Madara as replacement. This is as if the team is blaming Ana for their shortcomings when in fact, fans and analysts say that notail was drafting an impossible draft for the team.

However, whatever the reason is, the team sitting out of the AniMajor will not deny the fact that fans will be out there, hungry for OG’s comeback, especially for the upcoming The International which will be held few months from now.


This team definitely is a Dark Horse for their region. Elephant had heads turning onto them after the team managed to upset multiple teams with their previous runs. However, that was not the case in their previous DPC Season 2 run.

Team Elephant sign rOtK - DOTA 2 | esports.com

Unfortunately for Elephant, they were the David among the Goliaths in China as they were up to face Chinese big teams and fell quite short after getting disappointed in their tiebreakers.

Hence, the team is still a no match for Team Aster and PSG.LGD who are the top notch teams in the region. And with their cute 100 DPC points, the team will be facing a huge struggle in qualifying for The International 10.


They used to be a powerhouse, but currently, they are just another home for Chinese pros who will be sitting out of the AniMajor.

Dota 2 News: Sylar returns to EHOME for Dota Pro Circuit Season 2 league |  GosuGamers

Despite having Sylar, an astounding carry player renowned for his grit, the team initially had a momentum in small tournaments. However, the team failed to go big versus the bigger teams in the Chinese region.

With their poor performance, the team only placed 6th in the region, putting them in a no-go situation for the Animajor.


Tough love for Fnatic fans as one of SEA’s biggest teams just looked a little small after falling short in the DPC Season 2 after getting upset by Execration, arguably an underdog in the region.

September Player of the Month: Fnatic.DJ - Mineski.net

Falling short for the AniMajor, the team will be in hibernation mode until the TI10 Regional Qualifiers as definitely, being one of the most experienced organizations in the Dota 2 industry, Fnatic will be up to a challenge in shocking the world with their future changes.


The Singapore Major’s Dark Horse has just been given a lighter note, but not on the positive side.

Dota 2 News: Natsumi unable to play with Neon Esports at Singapore Major,  Rappy to stand-in | GosuGamers

The all-Filipino roster under the squad of OB.Neon is definitely one of the scariest teams not just in SEA, but also in the world after having a reputation of playing neck-to-neck versus Team Secret in the Singapore Major.

Definitely a shocker, however on the negative perspective, as the team will not be given a chance for revenge in the next Major as the team missed quite some crucial wins in the DPC Season 2.


The presumably most controversial team of all will be having bigger issues as Natus Vincere will be missing out the Major once more. And this time, their roster is to blame.

Na'Vi part ways with their captain SoNNeikO

The mighty definitely have fallen after axing GeneraL out of the team just to eventually underperform in the CIS DPC Season 2. In their failure, the team seem to be pointing out to Iceberg and ALWAYSWANNAFLY as their weak link as both players were replaced by SoNNeikO and No[o]ne who were previously from AS Monaco Gambit.

In their new additions, everyone is excited to see whether or not the new roster will contribute a big change to their performance.

Thunder Predator

The South American Dota scene is definitely having a good time, but Thunder Predator is not one of them.

Dota 2 News: Thunder Predator advance to top eight at Singapore Major |  GosuGamers

Having been a shocker in the first Major of the year, Thunder Predator will be absent in this year’s second Major after getting stomped by beastcoast and NoPing, both of which being the new shockers of the region.

However, despite being absent in the second biggest event, there’s a high possibility that they will be present in the biggest one as the team is just a point away from the 800 DPC points minimum to qualify for a direct invite for The International 10.

All these teams will be just be chilling, and waiting for the AniMajor which will happen on June 2 to 13 in Kyiv, Ukraine, where most teams have already arrived. All the qualified teams will be locking their horns for the $500,000 USD and 2700 DPC points.

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