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OG Fighting Relegation with Stand-In. Ana Kicked?

Dethan Dario


Ana Returns to OG For Second DPC Season - Hotspawn

The two-time The International Champion OG seems to be having more trouble.

This time, the team replaced Ana with Madara for the crucial tiebreakers.

Ceb reveals why SumaiL was kicked from OG Dota 2 team

OG however has yet to clarify as to why the team replaced humblegod at the last minute.

Rumors however say that Ana was replaced because the legendary carry player has been underperforming in their recent games.

Fans also say that Ana has never been the problem in OG, but the greedy drafting, especially for the hero picks for Topson and Saksa. Some also say that Saksa is not a playmaker, and that n0tail needs to realize the lapses in their drafting.

Welcome back³, ana. | OG

The controversial changes seem to show that the team is no longer trusting Ana, and that Madara might do better in their crucial tiebreakers where the team can prove their worth despite multiple negativities surrounding the team.

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