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Ana: Dota Pro Circuit is Useless, Play in TI Qualifiers Instead


Ana controversially claims that Dota Pro Circuit is useless, and prefers to play the TI qualifiers instead.

Ana Dota 2

As one of the returning TI winners, Ana’s presence in T1 gained well-deserved traction among fans. However, this time the attention turned negative to his comments on the Dota Pro Circuit.

Ana felt that Dota Pro Circuit was useless, and he rather took the qualifier than play all year for the circuit.

Ana Interview Transcript

He gave the controversial opinion while getting an interview from Jaxon. Ana immediately expressed his dislike for DPC, and said that the system is terrible.

The TI Winner goes even further by saying that he would only return to play TI and some third-party tournaments “for fun”.

Ana Interview Transcript

Ana continued his thoughts while getting questions about his appearance only when The International is approaching. He felt that it was “useless” to play DPC, while he could spend a fraction of time on qualifiers.

It seems Ana’s priority was quite clear with his intention to only play for The International.

Some of the fans reacted negatively toward Ana’s comments on DPC. They felt that Ana could say these things because he had won two The Internationals, while he cannot feel what struggling Tier 1.5/2 players.

Those players’ livelihood and salary depend on their performance with DPC, and the fans felt the comments were disrespectful towards those players.

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