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Nas Daily Followers Drop to 20 Million from 38 Million After Calling Israeli Oppression a Conflict

Vberni Regalado

It’s not a conflict, but clearly an oppression against the weak. 

Nuseir Yassin, an Israeli-Palestinian content creator also known as “Nas Daily” is experiencing a huge follower drop, majorly from the Muslims, as he called Israeli oppression a conflict. 

His followers are now down to 20 million from 38 million. 

His recent Facebook post did not sit well with many of his followers. Aside from calling the Israeli insurgencies into Palestine a conflict, he never, not even once, condemned Israeli oppression in any of his posts. He even urged his followers to be friends rather than going for a “conflict.” 

This created a campaign against him on social media, where Muslims urged each other to unfollow and dislike the page. The Nas Daily page is followed by many Muslims around the world. 

Nas Daily is a known vlogger who created one-minute videos around the world, gaining billions of views, millions of followers, and probably millions of money. 

Currently, the ceasefire agreement has been made between Israel and Palestine, but Israel broke the agreement a few hours later. They attacked the al-Aqsa compound which resulted in hurting more than 20 worshippers after the Friday prayers. 

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