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Gorgc explains how he feel bad for both Karl and Gabbi after their kicking from T1. He felt Topson and Ana were the “villains”.

With the elimination of T1, there will be no more chance for SEA teams to additionally qualify for TI11. Many fans pointed fingers at various things, including the sudden recruitment of both Topson and Ana.

Gorgc went as far by saying that he felt bad for both Karl and Gabbi after they were kicked to make space for the two former OG players.

He started by first commenting on Topson and Ana’s inclusion to the T1 team on a short period. Gorgc felt that the former OG players took “jobs” off both Karl and Gabbi who remain teamless before TI11 qualifier.

“It’s true. People should feel bad for Karl and Gabbi, they work all year in T1, and then they got kicked right before TI.”

“I mean, everybody love Topson and stuffs, but for those both guys, goddamn. For those two guys, Topson and Ana were the villain.”

However, Gorgc added that both of them might regard their teammates instead as the villains, since they were the one who did the kicking. Gorgc elaborates that it’s not Topson and Ana’s fault that both of the SEA players got kicked.

T1 unfortunately crashed and burned during the T11 Last Chance Qualifier after getting beaten by Vici Gaming. Fans commented that the team look very disjointed, and both OG players did not have any chemistry with the other players.

They hoped the organization could bounce back next season and recruit stronger players as result from the LCQ.

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