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Febby Confident of Ana and Topson in T1


The teamless support and longtime veteran of SEA region, Febby, is quite confident of both Ana and Topson in T1.

Many fans expressed their skepticism regarding Ana and Topson coming back to the pro scene. Moreover, they will be playing for T1, which was underperforming for quite some time.

However, pro players such as Febby took the opposite stance and remained confident in their success.

Febby answered his viewers’ questions regarding the return of both Ana and Topson to the pro scene. While streaming, Febby seemed to struggle to find the word for a moment.

“What can I say about Topson and Ana? oh, shi…”

Febby then continues to give his opinion regarding their return. His words were overwhelmingly positive regarding the return, and cited that he is Topson’s “spokesman”.

“As a spokesman for Topson, I am very confident in his ability to perform at T1.”

“I have nothing but a strong belief that it will work.”

However, some fans noticed that he only answered the question regarding Topson, not Ana. This might be due to Ana’s underperformance in his recent stand-in stints with both Team Liquid and RNG.

Both teams finished subpar in their tournaments, and Ana didn’t look comfortable yet as a carry in the current patch.

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