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Amihan Ex-Manager Pretends to be RRQ to Secure Scrims

Dethan Dario

While the formerly glorious Amihan Wild Rift is no more, its controversies continue as ex-manager gets involved in another problem.

In a post, Team RRQ manager Lan Rigates revealed that Christian Villegas, former manager of Amihan, has been pretending to be part of RRQ just to secure scrims with Chinese teams.

Lan Rigates, RRQ Manager's post

Rigates also added that his team was not even playing scrims against any Chinese squad.

“Christian Villegas Wag mong gamitin ang Team RRQ para makahanap ka ng scrims para sa team mo. Ni hindi nga kami nakikipagscrim sa Chinese Teams,” read his post.

May be an image of text that says '1049 1149 129 强队DDD国服 国服 强队 1049 1149 129 Strong Team DDD National Uniform'
May be an image of text that says '5 1049 1149 129 强队 强队DDD国服 国服 1049 1149 129 Strong Team DDD National Uniform'

Interestingly, Villegas appears to be back on the professional scene despite Riot’s ban.

In July of 2021, Villegas was involved in a controversy after Riot found out that Amihan falsified documents that allowed a minor to play in an official game.

Said violation resulted to a 12-months ban on the manager.

The issue dragged on which even forced the organization to put blame on Villegas. In its September 2021 official statement, the organization shared that the violations were orchestrated by their former manager and his “friends”.

Apparently, the issue broke out after the controversial manager spilled the issue himself to seek revenge against the organization.

According to sources, Christian Villegas is currently working under the banner of NAOS Esports. As of this writing, the manager is yet to give a statement regarding the issue.

Hyprgame remains open should the ex-manager wish to air his side of the story.

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