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NXP EVOS Breaks Lose Streak vs TNC Amid Absent H2Wo

Dethan Dario

Nexplay EVOS (NXP EVOS) has taken their much-needed win versus win by replacing H2Wo with Kzen against TNC.

On Saturday, September 9, NXP EVOS broke their losing streak after taking a thrilling 2-1 win versus TNC. A surprise lineup was once again revealed by NXP EVOS as the team played without John “H2wo” Salonga who’s been a hot topic in the MLBB community.

With this win, NXP EVOS has retained its meager top 7 placement , just a placement higher than TNC who’s currently at last place.


The first game of the series was a tight win for TNC whose aggression completely surprised NXPE. With NXP failing to ban Yasuwo’s Beatrix who ended the game with a clean 6-0-4 KDA. This sweet finish awarded Yasuwo the MVP for game one.

Meanwhile, in game two, NXPE took the comeback route after climbing back from a mountainous gold-lead by TNC.

Game two was a Micophobia show who played with Khufra with a 0-3-10 finish crowning him as the MVP for the second game.

The third game of the series gave the chills to fans as the back-and-forth appeared equal for both teams.

TNC secured their Esmeralda pick for Kramm who also played a crucial role with the same hero in game one. Meanwhile, Kzen’s Akai played more crucial plays for NXPE to take the series away from their fellow bottom placer for the rankings.

Win vs TNC, Still Impactful Says Pao

Pao Villanueva, during the post-match interview, told that their win vs TNC was an impactful win.

According to Villanueva, this win showed that the team still has a lot more to show despite being at the bottom ranking of this season.

“Dito mo masasabi na tumitibok pa ang puso namin eh. We’re still breathing to fight and it’s not over until it’s over,” told the coach.

“Looking forward kami to sustain the momentum,” he added.

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