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Olympic Esports Series 2023 includes bizarre selection of esports titles


The International Olympics Committee revealed on Wednesday that it will be launching a new Esports series for the Olympics this year, named the Olympic Esports Series.

The qualifying rounds for this event have already commenced, and the finals will take place in person in Singapore in late June as part of the first-ever Olympic Esports Week.

Although esports has gained a massive following in recent years, with Dota 2 and League of Legends at the forefront, the selection of games for this esports series is unexpected.

Out of the nine titles, only two have a significant fanbase and established competitive structure, namely Chess on Chess.com and Gran Turismo.

While Just Dance is a popular title, it currently lacks the usual competitive structure of esports games.

The other six games, including Tic Tac Bow, Virtual Taekwondo, and Tennis Clash, are relatively unknown and do not have any established competitive roots.

This announcement followed the recent news that Singapore will be hosting the inaugural Olympic Esports Week 2023 in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Sport Singapore, and the Singapore National Olympic Council.

The four-day event will showcase virtual sports through technology exhibitions, show matches, expert panel discussions, and the first live finals of the Olympic Esports Series. The program schedule and ticket details will be disclosed in April.

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