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Arab Prince Purchases Lower Level of Battle Pass Than Usual


Gorgc found out that the same Arab prince who usually buys Battle Pass for huge amounts of levels is buying “lower than usual”.

Whether it’s due to inflation or the current state of the economy, the sale of the 2022 Battle Pass remained worrying. After 9 days of release, the 2022 Battle Pass shows signs of stagnation in the growth of the prize pool.

What’s more worrying is the fact that the usual Arabian Prince who bought lots of levels for the previous Battle Passes, also bought less for 2022.

Gorgc revealed the fact while he was looking at his Friend Lists and see who has the highest Battle Pass level. At first, he was impressed with the levels of the Arab Prince, which is at around 24,000 Levels of the 2022 Battle Pass.

However, Gorgc quickly noticed that it was lower than his normal levels for the Battle Pass.

2022 Battle Pass Sale, Lower Than Usual

“24,000? I actually remember this was so different last year. Last year, so many people had Levels above 2000. Now, there’s nothing.”

Gorgc then looked to see the Arab’s Prince Battle Pass previous levels, which surprised him even further.

It turns out he used to have levels of above 100.000 for each Battle Pass. Many players believed that this was another sign of how bad the 2022 Battle Pass was in terms of content and quality.

There were also opinions about Part 2 of the Battle Pass hurting the sales since many contents were still locked.

Users began to humorously suggest something else for the Battle Pass, such as the Auroth persona from the Dota Anime. Although it was seen as silly at first, players began to wonder whether it was really needed or not.

The current prize pool was still stagnating at $10,000,000, $2,000,000 less than the previous 2020 & 2019 Battle Pass.

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