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Asta Stays in TNC as Coaching Staff for Qualifiers

Dethan Dario

Asta is still on the paycheck of TNC as the controversial player moves to the team’s coaching staff!

The former kings of Philippine Dota 2 drew backlash after acquiring Asta to the roster. This is to fill the gap left by Yowe who was initially removed from the team but was reacquired for the upcoming TI qualifiers.

According to TNC’s Facebook announcement, this decision was driven by Valve’s rules. Hence, Yowe is brought back to the team’s roster.

“Due to DPC roster rules, TNC Predator will be heading to TI qualifiers with a few changes as we bring back Yowe to our roster. For the time being, Asta will be helping the team as part of the coaching staff during the qualifiers,” read their post.

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With this, the team will be left with a short amount of time to prepare for the most awaited TI qualifiers.

“There will be a few days for us to prepare the squad for the upcoming qualifiers but we will give our best shot and work twice as hard and hopefully be part of the biggest tournament of the year,” continued TNC in their announcement.

Asta, a Confirmed Scammer by the Community

Recently, Asta drew the community’s attention after he was tagged with a scamming incident.

In Hyprgame’s initial report, Asta was involved in scamming whereas he sold an account, and later on, reacquired it.

As per Valve’s rules, selling accounts is a violation. This, perhaps, could be the reason why the team decided to move forward without Asta on the active roster.

Following this, TNC made an announcement saying Asta already paid all the aggrieved parties.

However, many would still question why TNC would still hold on to the controversial player despite his issues.

Do you think Asta is really an asset to the team? Could his issues actually be the reason why he was removed from the roster?

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