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Cr1t Embraces SEA, Calls the Region ‘Most Fun’


Cr1t is starting to warm up with SEA server ever since The International 11, and calls the region the ‘most fun’ to play in.

After playing in numerous regions with various teams, Cr1t finally had a grasp on each region’s weaknesses and strengths. Although he spent the majority of his playing career in both EU and NA, there’s one on his mind lately.

Cr1t explained in an interview that he felt SEA was the ‘most fun’ region to play for public games. He felt the ‘tryhard’ energy from the server was commendable.

After winning another series with Shopify Rebellion, Cr1t became the team’s representative to answer the questions. A question was fielded by his ex-captain, Fear, regarding the ‘most fun’ region Cr1t had ever played at.

Cr1t elaborated on his question carefully before answering it diplomatically.

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“I think the most competitive (region) is probably Europe, but I think the most fun is SEA. The games were always… people were always trying, there’s less griefer in SEA than in Europe.”

Cr1t also felt how Support players were welcomed in the SEA region, and that the cores were quite ‘tryhard’ when it came to playing the game.

“The cores (in SEA) try harder most of the time, so the chances of support players having griefer cores were less than in Europe.”

Players around the world also admitted how games in SEA region could be unpredictable due to their players. At one moment, players would say ‘gg end’, but then proceed to defend the base like it was their last game ever. The intensity of the games made the region entertaining for most players.

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