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Z4pnu Reveals Kelra Offered 6-Digit Salary from ID

Dethan Dario

Indonesia’s acquisition of Filipino superstars continues to unravel. This time, Kelra takes part as one of the targeted talents as revealed by Z4pnu.


Omega Esports’ star Gold Laner Grant “Kelra” Duane Pillas is arguably the best for his role in the league. Tagged as the ‘Filipino Savage’, the player is undoubtedly an asset for any team.

With his remarkable talent, it appears the player received a whopping 6-digit salary offer from an Indonesian team. This, as revealed by the veteran teammate of Kelra, Billy ‘Z4pnu’ Alfonso.

In a stream, Z4pnu reported that the Filipino Savage was being recruited by foreign teams.

MVP Kelra

“Kelra is getting offers from Indo [teams]. They want to buy him out but I can’t say which team because the last time I revealed a team, I got tetanus, I almost got fined,” he told on his vlog.

Additionally, the veteran player for OMEGA also revealed that his offer was big, playing around six-digits.

Kelra’s salary [if he joins] would be around six digits but of course, that’s confidential. All I can say is Kelra is being recruited by a foreign team and it’s up to him to decide,” told the player/vlogger.

Apparently, the young star for OMEGA has been receiving offers since last year. He told that this time, he’s receiving offers once more as this season is the hottest time for teams to acquire players from the ‘market’.

“There’s a lot of players being acquired here in the Philippines so to the players who are trying their best in playing Mobile Legends, this is your chance, just keep grinding if this is what you want or it makes you happy,” he said.

Other Filipino Talents Receive Offers from Indonesia

Recently, many Filipinos have been revealed to have received offers from Indonesia. The top names to be confirmed to join a foreign team are Yeb and Kairi of ONIC Esports.

Apart from the two, their teammate Baloyskie also revealed that he received the same offer. However, he declined the offer saying he valued his team, which he now regrets since he’s rumored to be teamless as of this writing.

Is Indonesia doing the right move in acquiring Filipino talents instead of their own homegrown players?

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