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PSG LGD Surprisingly Loses To VG

Vberni Regalado

PSG LGD surprisingly loses against VG, 0-2, and DPC China Tour 3 gets heated up!

The DPC China Tour 3 standing gets hotter and hotter after PSG LGD lost against VG (Vici Gaming) with a score of 2-0. Now, all teams in the China DPC have at least 1 point, and there are 6 teams in third position.

Meanwhile, RNG and VG topped the standings due to their recent wins.

PSG LGD already looked uncomfortable from the first game in their match this time against Vici Gaming. They tried to experiment by picking Nature’s Prophet carry, but Ame got heavily countered by Batrider.

As a result, PSG LGD gave up in the first game in the 33rd minute after doing an early GG out.

In the second game, PSG LGD again conducted an experiment by picking Pudge carry which has recently become quite famous. However, VG again read the draft and played at a fast tempo. Ame who uses Pudge got kited all the time by the Nature’s Prophet and Queen of Pain.

This time, VG managed to play Nature’s Prophet carry

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