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Kingslayers RSG Philippines Slay ‘King of Kings’ RRQ Hoshi, 4-0

Dethan Dario

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA- The ‘King Slayers’ RSG Philippines has slain the ‘Kings of Kings’ RRQ Hoshi in a disrespectful 4-0 manner.

The first game belonged to RSG PH after a comeback with a nearly destroyed base. They took advantage of RRQ Hoshi’s fatal error to make a comeback and finally win in the 28th minute. 1-0 to RSG PH.

RRQ hoshi

The second game went the same way after RRQ Hoshi again failed to overcome the Filipino squad’s draft which was waiting for the late game. Even though they managed to get 2 base turrets quickly, RRQ lost again in the late game after the RSG draft went online. 2-0 to RSG PH.

RRQ Hoshi tried to turn things around by taking Xavier and Beatrix, but again RSG PH appeared superior with Aqua who appeared stronger. After a battle for several Lords, RSG PH won the third game and they were only 1 game away from victory.

RSG Philippines

RSG PH again showed their dominance in the fourth game and pushed RRQ Hoshi with a draft for a long teamfight. Thanks to the Kufra that Light used, RSG PH swept the Grand Final with a score of 4-0 and won the championship title.

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