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Ana Comeback To Dota Soon?

Vberni Regalado

It seems Ana will return to Dota, but as a streamer!

As the only carry player who won The International twice in a row, many regretted Ana’s retirement. However, lately there have been indications that the legendary carry player will return to the world of Dota 2.

It seems, he will try to slowly return as a streamer first.

This rumor emerged after Ana suddenly made a poll on his Twitter account, asking his fans about the future. The majority of his fans choose to stream on Twitch or Youtube, and it looks like that will be the result of the poll.

However, it turns out that Ana himself had tried to return to Dota before making this poll.

During an interview with OG CEO, JMR Luna, Topson revealed that Ana had previously invited him to return to the pro scene. Ana asked him when they were still in SEA, and he seemed interested in competing in SEA.

Unfortunately, Topson considers that the team Ana is trying to create doesn’t have great potential, and because of that, Topson decided to return to Europe.

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