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Aster Ori ‘Forced’ to Retire by Parents


Ori confirmed his retirement from the Dota scene, although some speculate that it was due to his parents’ pressure.

Another Chinese pro player had to retire after the conclusion of The International 11. With Maybe retiring, Ori followed as he retired from the professional scene to pursue his other ventures.

However, rumors had been swirling about Ori’s true reason to retire, which was supposedly from his parents’ pressure.

Ori announced on his Weibo that he would be retiring from the professional Dota scene. Although Aster did well relatively in regards to other Chinese teams, it would seem that Ori looks to find another path for him to pursue.

With his law degree, many mentioned that his parents already prepared him an opportunity to work at a law firm.

However, there were also rumors that his parents were basically the ones who forced him to retire as well. They were pressuring him to pursue other career paths, specifically his background and history in law.

Fans’ reactions on the matter were varying, with some grateful for Ori’s parents’ choice, while others were less “accepting” of their choice.

The majority of the opinions seem to lean towards that Ori was making the wrong decision to retire. Not many people could make it to the top Dota professional scene and earn millions as well in the process.

However, some were also agreeing with the choice, saying that esports careers were volatile. Players who don’t “make it” would find themselves lost without any degree or job whatsoever.

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