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Chinese Teams Dominate Arlington Major’s Group Stage


Majority of the Chinese teams, except for RNG due to stand-in problems, dominate the Arlington Major’s group stage.

Although absent from international tournaments due to COVID restrictions, Chinese teams showed their dominance. Both PSG.LGD and Team Aster managed to finish first in their respective groups.

However, the same does not apply to RNG, who is still struggling with Ana standing-in at the moment.

PSG.LGD walked Group A with ease after almost finishing the group undefeated. Their current score is six wins and one draw, against the NA team Soniqs. Their final match will be against Thunder Awaken from South America.

If they claim another victory against the South American team, they will finish the group “invincible” with no 0-2 losses.

Team Aster already claimed the “invincible” route, although they suffered four draws along the way. With three wins and four draws, they finished as the top seed of Group B, facing the fourth position in Group A.

Even with fans claiming that Aster’s strength not being equal to PSG.LGD, many predicted that they will finish Top 3 of the Major.

Sadly, the same did not apply to RNG, who were still struggling in Group A. With two wins, three draws, and two losses, they are now sitting at the fourth position, still in danger of not getting into the playoffs.

Some blamed Ana’s inclusion as the stand-in due to Ghost’s visa problem. However, the complaints were focused more on the team’s chemistry, since Ana looks to be disconnected from the team at times.

Therefore, Aster fans hoped that they could find their chemistry with the Dota legend in the upcoming days.

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