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NetEase Games’ Hyper Front, a Pure Copycat of Valorant?

Dethan Dario

Hyper Front? More like Hyper Valorant!

Hyper Front Mobile Tactical Shooter Game by NetEase Looks Similar to  Valorant

Chinese gaming company NetEase Games recently released their own version of tactical shooter game, Hyper Front. Hyper Front has recently had its soft launch in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Despite just having its soft launch, NetEase’s new game faced some hard concerns.

After the release of its teaser, many fans claim that the game is obviously a carbon copy of Riot’s Valorant. Not just the gameplay, but also most of the abilities encoded in the characters within the game.

Hyper Front Thunder

In one of the characters revealed in the teaser, Hyper Front’s Thunder appeared to be a direct copy of Valorant’s Neon. Similarly, Omen was also copied which was personified in the game’s female-looking agent.

Aside from the heroes, Hyper Front also labeled its roles similar to Valorant. For one, a type of character in the game was also called “duelist” which is a direct name from Riot’s FPS game.

Hyper Front Mobile Elixir

Making matters worse, one of the favorite Valorant characters, Sage, had a copy in the Chinese game. Elixir, much like Sage, also had a resurrection skill which was Sage’s signature skill.

Although most characters were copied from Valorant, NetEase’s new game also introduced a unique character, at least from Valorant. One of the ‘unique’ characters in the game is Coldcast which had a similar kit with Mei of Overwatch.


While the game had many similarities with Valorant, the game actually has something unique. Hyper Front used a cartoonish style of design in its game which drew it apart from Riot’s game.

Hyper Front, Mobile Legends, Genshin Impact? Do you think China is actually copying its games from other famous games?

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