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Rizki DA’s Wife Held a Fake Giveaway?

Vberni Regalado

Rizki DA (Dangdut Academy)’s wife, Nadya Mustika Rahayu, promised to distribute THR (religious holiday allowance) in the form of 20 iPhones and tens of millions of cash on her Instagram account. However, the giveaway turned out to be a fraud.

Many netizens who have participated claimed to have received the announcement of the giveaway winner from Nadya, even though it was not until the D day of the announcement. The sender asked the potential winners to sent money in the amount of IDR Rp.100,000 (around USD $7). Netizens who had already transferred back to the person did not receive further news. Netizens finally tried to report this to Nadya in her Instagram.

“Yesterday I joined the give away, but they asked to transfer first,” said @rahmawati.

“Assalamualaikum, Ms. Nadya. I joined the giveaway yesterday that Ms. Nadya posted and they said I won. I was told to transfer, it’s not that big, actually, only Rp.100,000, but until now there has been no news. Is this fraud?” write @vinovi212.

“Sorry, Ms. Nadya. The GIVEAWAY prize is cellphone, yes? I won, and I was ordered to transfer Rp.100,000. I did, but until now there has been no news at all. If you want alms, don’t do this,” wrote @siti.kar.144.

Instead of giving clarification or response from Nadya, she removed the giveaway post from her account. The giveaway is a collaborative giveaway with @jenny.management. They also remove comments complaining of the fraud.

Until now, there has been no official announcement from Nadya herself or the @jenny.management. Several media crews have tried to contact them, but there has been no reply from both of them.

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