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Moonton Wins Lawsuit vs Tencent Games

Dethan Dario

The case of Moonton against Tencent Games that dragged on for years is officially over as Chinese court favor Mobile Legend’s mother company.

Tencent Games

Based on Moonton’s official report, the company has won its case versus Tencent Games. This, after the former filed a commercial slander case versus Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games.

According to Moonton, Tencent caused ‘serious damage’ to the company’s reputation.

Tencent Awarded $2.9M In Lawsuit Against Mobile Legends Developer Moonton

The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court’s favored Moonton Games and ordered Tencent to compensate the former for economic losses and reasonable expenses.

Mobile Legend’s mother company is expected to receive a total of 220,000 yuan, or 30,780 USD in compensation.

Moonton - Mobile Legends

Moonton’s existence officially started in 2014 and has become a hit in the Southeast Asian (SEA) region. In 2016, the company released Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a MOBA game that dominated the competition, especially in SEA.

Controversially, the gaming title has been tagged as a ‘copycat’ version of League of Legends. With some similar features, Riot sued League of Legends citing plagiarism and infringement cases.

As of this writing, Tencent is yet to give a public comment regarding the court’s decision.

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