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RRQ Xinnn Furious at His Livestream! What happened?

Vberni Regalado

When he aired his live stream on Nimo TV, Xinnn was suddenly surprised by a notification mention from an Instagram account. After he read the account’s name, he immediately got angry he did not want to continue his play.

Xinnn’s anger is a rare sight for fans and netizens. It’s because Xinnn never gets angry or goes berserk even though he loses, he’s ridiculed or insulted by others. Xinnn did not hesitate to slam the iPhone 11 to shreds while continuing his rage. He immediately told his friends via Discord voice chat.

It turned out that Xinnn and her partner had a pre-wedding photo session. Xinnn hopes that his pre-wedding will not be announced. He only wants to announce his marriage only when he held his wedding reception. He did not accept that the thing he wanted to keep secret from the public, announced by an MUA (make up artist) he hired, through their Instagram Story feature.

“That’s people I paid, god damn it, I don’t ask for stories,” explained Xinnn when her friends tried to calm him down. “(They) want more followers, fuck!” accused Xinnn angrily.

Unfortunately, it’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Because the Instagram story from MUA didn’t deleted, the story was captured by the Instagram gossip esports account @emak_moba. The news of Xinnn’s marriage has become increasingly widespread. Xinnn fans immediately protested in the comments to immediately delete the Xinnn’s pre-wedding post. However, @emak_moba didn’t do it because they think this is a happy news that should be announced.

@emak_moba compare this to the BTR Branz scandal case. They consider not to show the scandal video because it’s indecent. However, their follower asked for the video to be posted. @emak_moba is determined not uploading the scandal video and simply displaying the official announcement from Bigetron Esports.

Until now, the post is still on the @emak_moba account even though fans still ask them to delete it. Xinnn’s fiancée even deleted or change her Instagram’s name in order to avoid the chaos. Well, we could only hope Xinnn’s wedding goes well.

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