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Ana’s Own Language? Ceb Explains Ana’s Ohs and Ahhs In-Game Reactions

Dethan Dario

Is this God-tier language?

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Sébastien “Ceb” Debs revealed that their carry Ana rarely speaks in full sentences, and that the player uniquely communicates with the team.

According to Ceb, Ana communicates with the team through is funny and instinctive reactions — Oh, Aah and Hiss, three of which bear different meanings and circumstances in-game.

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In their post-match interview versus Team Secret, Ceb humorously explained in detail Ana’s unique comms.

“We have what we call the ana panel soundboard because he is not that vocal, he is not gonna write an essay about it. You have the Oh. The Oh means an unexpected outcome, you guys might wanna look at it. So, Oh means maybe we should go back in. You have the aah. Aah means like, just get out. Get the runes or something. What else should I give you? This is real by the way… Then you have the hiss. It means he doesn’t know what is about to come,” Ceb explained.

Ceb also joyfully told that all of Ana’s reactions are being interpreted freely by the team and being used as signals on how to react in-game.

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“So he is like – everybody’s free to interpret what is happening around and make your own decision. But it’s very funny. One day, maybe we should make a soundboard or whatever it is called in English, it would be pretty fun.” the player added.

Aside from their unique in-game comms, Ceb also talked about OG’s outlook on their potential The International qualifier. Ceb mentioned that the team was not actually nervous about their TI slot.

“No, we are not nervous about it all. We are ready for whatever comes. If we have to go through qualifiers, we will go through qualifiers happily. And if we don’t get to TI, we will also survive through this. So, no nervousness on that side.” Ceb told.

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Talking about their shocking defeat versus Tundra Esports, Ceb also explained in detail as to why the team lost. Ceb explained that the team may have lost their focus, and their identity during the series. It felt like as if the team did not play like themselves.

“I do think that we learned a lot from our last series. We realized that there were sequences of the series where we definitely didn’t play like ourselves. We did identify that some of it came from – I wouldn’t say it to be the pressure of the moment – but we just had expectations that we shouldn’t have. We probably thought that we would be winning some of these games, not because of the opponent but mostly Dota wise, we should be winning this game and that feeling just doesn’t suit us well. I think we enjoy being freer – to throw the game if we feel like throwing.” the player detailed.

Currently, OG is tied with Team Nigma for the top three in EU’s DPC Season 2. Both teams sits on 3-1 win-loss apiece. Meanwhile, Alliance and Team Liquid are tied on number one with 4-1 win-loss apiece.

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