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Alliance Teases New Singaporean Player


Alliance is finally ready to move on from their disappointments since losing to Team Bald by securing a Singaporean player’s signature.

After losing in The International 11 Qualifiers against Team Bald Reborn, Alliance went into a hiatus. From their Dota squad, they released all of their rosters, including their assistant manager as well.

However, the team was ready to move on from their disappointment by rebuilding the roster from scratch. They started by securing the signature of a Singaporean player.

At first, Alliance teased the player’s inclusion toward the team by posting their censored face. They posed with Kelly, Alliance co-CEO, and also LeonArthur, the assistant coach of the team.

Although it was supposed to be full of hints, fans were having difficulties identifying the player.

Alliance posted yet another hint by showing the player signing a contract with the co-CEO. This time, they used Singaporean flag to censor the player’s face, indicating their home country.

Many fans guessed that it would be xsilearn from RSG. However, there were no original sources confirming the rumors yet.

Xsilearn himself had been a standout performer for RSG during 2022 DPC. Although they didn’t manage to survive the harsh Dota pro scene, the young player shone brightly as one of the upcoming SEA talented players.

With the right guidance and environment to play in a team, many had high hopes for the young SEA prodigy.

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