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Alliance ‘Returns’ to DPC; Now Looking For 4 Players


Although they had a disastrous campaign during the DPC, Alliance seems to be keen on coming back to DPC by searching for four players.

The Alliance had experienced the lowest point of their team’s history during The International 11 qualifier. They were knocked out by a team of streamers, Team Bald Reborn, although they were more than capable of beating them.

With these setbacks, Alliance had already released its roster to look for more players. Now, they are looking for four players, with an unknown player already signed up for them.

Kelly Milkies, co-owner of Alliance, made the call for players to join the team. Interestingly, she stated that she would need four players, indicating that she already has one on the team.

Nobody knows for sure who was the one player that stayed in the team, although Nikobaby was stated as one of them.

However, Nikobaby himself had stated that he was “done” with the professional scene. Currently, he is trying to build up his streaming career as he tried to give educational content and podcasts as well.

Therefore, players thought that Kelly and the Alliance must have built the team on a player other than Nikobaby.

With their defeat at The International 11 WEU Qualifier still fresh, it would be challenging to bounce back into winning ways. However, many hoped that Alliance could regain its place as one of the most decorated teams in the WEU region.

With an Aegis also in their name, Alliance still had big expectations behind them, especially with the investment that they had brought to the scene.

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