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H2Wo Exposes Mom Over Financial Issues

Dethan Dario

Nexplay mainstay John Paul “H2Wo” Salonga already reached the tip of his patience over his mom and her gaslighting.

H2Wo on Facebook exposed his mom following the latter’s TikTok live saying Salonga was being manipulated by other people. This time, NXP’s marksman responded with a series of screenshots giving a clearer view of the issue.

In the series of photos, H2Wo said he wanted to keep the issue private. He had no choice, however, after the problem reached the public.

“As much as possible ayoko sana gawing public to dahil usapang pamilya ito. Ito pinaka masakit na pwede kong gawin sa buong buhay ko, ang ilabas yung kwento ng family ko sa public,” read his post.

He maintained that he was only making his post to defend the people he love who were being dragged into the issue.

“Kailangan ko gawin kasi ang dami ng taong nadadamay, mga taong mahal ko at nirerespeto ko na hindi naman dapat nadadamay.”

Gaslighting, Manipulative Mom Characterized on Screenshots

The photos uploaded online showed how Susana Campos Miranda, H2Wo’s mom, was asking for money multiple times. This, is in relation to her supposed ‘allowance’ for her own welfare.

However, H2Wo already felt like his mom was already overspending which forced him to ask for receipts. He said that the receipts will help him manage his finances since he also wants to at least save some money for his future.

“Ma, next time po pwede ko po bang hingin lahat ng resibo? Para ma tansya ko po kung magkano po ipapadala ko sa inyo, minamanage ko na po kase mga pumapasok at lumalabas na pera.”

Despite the good deed, Miranda took the initiative offensively which forced her to say that she was no longer loved. She even insinuated that she’ll be moving to the mountains to make her appear ‘pitiful’.

Miranda also alleged that H2wo’s decision was being enforced by his own sister to insinuate that they want H2’s money for herself and her father.

“Naiinis ako sa ate mo Koy, sasabog dibdib ko sa sama ng loob. […] Baka gusto ng ama at ate mo sila tumira sa bahay mo Koy? Sige sa kanila nalang lahat. Bigay mo sa ama at ate mo,” Miranda told in one conversation.

Overbudget: H2wo’s Mom Asks for 125k Allowance

In the same series of posts, Miranda was seen asking for an initial 50k as an allowance, including payment for her pawned phone, and for the construction of their house. The initial amount was raised to 100k, and then to 125k.

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With the shocking amount, Salonga asked his mom to hire professionals instead for the construction. However, Miranda said she’d only kill these people should H2Wo decide to do so.

“Huwag ka na magpadala [ng] tao dito. Patayin ko lang yan,” read her violent response.

<img src="https://scontent.fmnl30-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/318241684_717231146635392_6649924012106961175_n.jpg?stp=cp6_dst-jpg&_nc_cat=1&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=8bfeb9&_nc_ohc=NUNijin-cYkAX9nbNaq&_nc_ht=scontent.fmnl30-2.fna&oh=00_AfD0VQFksh6kvpDa9Vba5Dc7Cy8CqpZvY3rWFI-NvcwT1Q&oe=6392FD15" alt="May be an image of text that says '

Miranda even threatened her son that she’ll go live on TikTok to allege that H2’s finance manager was ‘stupid’.

“Mag-live ako sa TikTok, sabihin ko bobo finance manager mo, hindi makaintindi, mga gunggong!”

Mom of H2Wo Involves Yawi and his Mom

Continuing her aggression, Miranda was also seen involving Yawi and his mom. She says Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera’s mom ‘Ye’ would only poison H2 since she has an existing beef with her.

“Sige ka baka lasunin ka ng nanay ni Yawi, diyan magkaaway kami nun,” she told H2.

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H2Wo defended both Yawi and his Tita Ye saying that these people never showed him anything bad. He told his mother that she’s become aggressive just because of her love for money.

“Si Tita Ye (Yawi’s mom) never ako pinakitaan masama, bakit ganyan tingin mo sa mga tao? Pati si Tita Ye idadamay mo dahil sa pagmamahal mo sa pera, ma ano nangyayare sa iyo,” he told in concern.

With the issue escalating to the public, H2wo has apologized to the people involved. He has shared his apologies to Yawi, Yawi’s mother, and Mika Salamanca.

“Pasensiya na sa lahat ng nadamay, sorry kase nasali kayo sa gulo na ito. Salamat sa mga umintindi at sa mga naka-misunderstood, sana naliwanagan kayo,” he told.

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He also shared his apologies to his family whom he say have already sacrificed so much for them.

“Gusto ko din maghindi nang tawad sa papa at ate ko, alam ko yung stress na dinanas niyo simula bata pa kame nina kuya.”

As of this writing, H2Wo’s mom is yet to share any response to the issue.

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