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In Hyprgame’s interview with OG, Ammar revealed that he continues to play in Europe server, even when he’s in SEA.

Although TI 11 would be held in SEA, some pro players still prefer to play in other servers. One example would be Ammar, the offlaner from OG who is touted as one of the tournament’s strongest contender.

In the latest OG Media Day, Misha revealed that Ammar refused to play in SEA server for some reason.

During the interview, Hyprgame had the chance to ask questions to OG. One of which was about their experience so far playing in SEA server.

Interestingly, Misha tried to nudge Ammar first, asking him about his experience playing in SEA.

Misha: Do you play SEA pubs, Ammar?
Ammar: No, I don’t.

Ammar then revealed that he didn’t play in SEA server at all, due to certain reasons. Misha then elaborated that the whole team, except Ammar, enjoyed playing in SEA server with a high winrate.

“I mean, everybody just playing SEA pubs and enjoying it with 70% winrate. Except Ammar, he’s playing on Europe with 200 ping,” he said.

From the answers given, it seems Ammar was still quite uncomfortable playing in the South East Asia server. He prefers the familiar region of Western Europe, even with heavy pings due to location.

However, fans would be eager to see Ammar facing some of South East Asia’s finest in the near future. Especially with his entertaining persona in public games.

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