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The Origin Of Ammar ‘Mantle Of Intelligence’ Meme


Turns out the origin of Ammar’s unique way of trashtalking by dropping a ‘Mantle of Intelligence’ is quite interesting and random.

As a newcomer to the scene, Ammar had interesting ways to demoralize his opponents. From frequent tipping to spamming symbols in public games, Ammar became well-known for his ‘toxicity’ during games.

However, Ammar’s most famous trademark of dropping a Mantle of Intelligence origin was finally explained.

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Ammar told the story of its origin while he was casting a game with Gorgc and Yapzor. Initially Gorgc asked Ammar about the reason behind the ‘Mantles’, and the fact that Ammar does not really do it anymore.

The young Nigma Galaxy player quickly pointed out that he tried it when he was facing OG with Nigma. Ammar also told a story about how he would drop Mantle of Intelligences after winning games.

“In a ranked game, it was solo and I was 6k (6000+ MMR) or something, and some guy just bought Mantle of Intelligence and give it to me.”

Initially, Ammar did not thought much of it, but he became curious about the meaning behind it. He proceeded to take the idea from him and started to drop his own Mantles in front of his opponent’s fountain.

Although the meaning could be insulting, players in the recent days found it interesting and humorous enough to laugh about it. Dropping Mantle of Intelligence became a short trend last year, when OG and Ammar was at the height of their success.

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