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Ammar Debuts with Nigma on a Disastrous Ending


Ammar debuted with Nigma on a disastrous ending as they take a quick exit in the BetBoom Xmas Show after two straight losses.

Ammar Nigma

Nigma fans had their hopes of a good upcoming season crushed after seeing Ammar’s debut. The young offlaner-turned-carry was seen uncomfortable with his new role. Moreover, the team itself did not look comfortable with him during their matches.

As a result, Nigma was out of BetBoom Xmas Show after two straight losses in the playoffs.

They suffered their first defeat against Solo’s new team, Hellraisers, which ended badly. Nigma was seen playing with Ammar as Timbersaw carry while Sumail played as Sniper.

The team even managed to achieve the 3-22 scoreline against Solo himself and went on to lose the second game as well.

Ammar Nigma

Their Lower Bracket match against Entity was a losing effort as well, although it was their survival match. At first, Nigma managed to win the first game in a quick fashion with Ammar’s Mars and Sumail’s Leshrac.

However, Entity figured Nigma out during the next two games and proceeded to win by a reverse sweep of 2-1 against Nigma.

Ammar Nigma

With this result, Ammar’s debut ended disastrously for Nigma at their first tournament. Fans themselves were wondering whether Ammar was able to adapt to the new patch or not.

There were even opinions about Ammar’s availability to play as a carry as well, after seeing he was put with offlane heroes more often in the carry role.

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