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Ceb: Ammar is Not Toxic, He’s Only Having Fun


Ceb explains that his former prodigy and pupil, Ammar The F, is not toxic. He explains Ammar’s ‘toxic’ behavior, saying he’s only having fun.

Although Ammar is no longer in his team, Ceb is still praising and protecting his former prodigy. He went as far as claiming that his former protege’s action in both pubs and professional matches was not ‘toxic’.

Ceb explained that the action ATF was made purely out of fun, and he was laughing while doing it.

The discourse happened while Ceb was casting the Nigma game against Team Secret with Gorgc and Yapzor. Gorgc was explaining the theory of mind games and how they could inflict massive damage on the opponent.

Gorgc diverted it towards Ammar who was well known for his ‘toxic’ behavior, and Ceb explained about it.

“Actually, he (Ammar) takes all the all-chatting, tipping, and smileys very lightly. I know most of the time it means toxicity, but Ammar usually doesn’t mean bad,” explained Ceb.

“He’s not angry when he’s doing that, he’s actually laughing. Usually, people assume Ammar was angry doing it, but he’s just having fun.”

However, Ceb also revealed there were moments when Ammar was doing it out of anger as well. Still, the professional players immediately understood that it happened to everyone, and they’re not holding grudges because of it.

Fans hoped that the suggestion of Ammar being toxic out of malice could be put to rest with this revelation.

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