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Free Fire YouTuber Wawan MKS has Another Woman, His Wife Reveals

Vberni Regalado

Indonesian Free Fire YouTuber Wawan MKS once became a trending topic because of his viral, “Brazil, are you ready to lose?” statement to Brazil gamers in an Asian event. This time his name is on trending again over his latest scandal.

Wawan MKS is suspected of having an affair with a woman after his wife, Rahma, uploaded a TikTok video on Wednesday. Rahma’s TikTok video is a birthday greeting for her husband. However, in the video, there is a photo of Wawan MKS sleeping with another woman in a hotel room.

Rahma wrote, “Thank you, sorry if I have to do this.” In the video she also wrote, “Happy birthday, thank you for all the pain”.

Rahma also showed evidences of Wawan’s cheating on her Instagram. Through the Story feature, she uploaded screenshots of Rahma’s conversation with the ‘pelakor’ (a woman who steals someone’s husband) via WhatsApp. In the conversation, the other woman apologized to Rahma and admitted she made a mistake. The conversation was recorded on March 16, 2021.

“Yes, I have been silent all this time, I know everything because I understand when my husband is in love,” wrote Rahma. “You said you ended your relationship but what? once become a pelakor, always become a pelakor. I’m just being kind enough not to scold you because I don’t want to get my hands dirty!” added Rahma.

“What am I lacking? I’ve been good to you, but your reply was like this 🙂😁,” said Rahma in the second story. In Rahma’s second story, it can be seen the pelakor admitted she made a mistake after Rahma said sarcastically, “(such a shame) having beautiful face but it’s not used properly”.

After the commotion happened, Wawan gave full clarification to his followers and netizens via his Instagram Story. Wawan said that the cheating allegation was not true. There were quite a lot of Instagram Stories uploaded by him. He also uploaded a video recording about he got birthday surprise from his friends.

“Asking me to clarify, even though it’s a very personal problem. If you accuse me, please watch the following video at the hotel,” wrote Wawan.

“For those of you who have a problem with the girl in the photo, the photo is different from time to time and from place to place, and it’s from different moment,” continued Wawan. “The strange thing is, why the video was made as if I was both at a hotel with a girl that night, and why it should be the drama (that occurred) in front of my parked car. You can (do a birthday) surprise (to) me anyway,” wrote Wawan.

Wawan MKS not only lives as a Free Fire YouTuber, but he is also recruited as a pro player in AURA NESC team. After he was recruited, Wawan MKS’s subscribers immediately jumped high until reached 6.3 million subscribers. The viral incident with the Brazilian gamer was when he was invited to a Free Fire event in Bangkok. Unfortunately, Wawan ended up losing and received bullying from netizens because of his arrogant words. Wawan finally apologized through his YouTube video.

After Wawan gave his long clarification, there was no response yet from Rahma. Wawan MKS and Rahma also have not provided any further confirmations to the media crew.

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