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Valve Plans to Kill CSGO Third-Party Stats Websites

Vberni Regalado

Have you ever heard of a platform like “csgostats.gg” or “Leetify”? Yep, for you loyal fans of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), you must know this platform by heart. The softwares that analyze player performance, have launched an AI team finder for CS:GO. Through this platform, we can get the results of data analysis from the players. We can even be assisted so that we can find people with a similar level of skill, schedule, and ambition to us.

No wonder from the artificial intelligence embedded in both platforms, many CS:GO players are complacent and fall in love with these platforms. Even for some well-known esports teams, they are still complacent about using the platform to obtain objective data regarding the abilities of each player member in preparation for the official competition that will be faced.

However, the splendor of third-party platforms such as csgostats.gg or Leetify seem to have the potential to disappear considering that Valve, as the publisher of the game CS:GO, has also launched similar software, namely “CS:GO 360 Stats service”. Of all the similarities that exist between these applications, the CS:GO 360 Stats service comes with a price and features that are more comprehensive and competitive. Just imagine the subscription fee is less than 1 United States Dollar for each month.

So what about the public’s reaction to Valve’s new platform? Unfortunately, most of them do not welcome the launch the said service. Some players are worried that this platform will kill the stat gathering platforms belonging to third parties, even though so far this has been the main grip for players. Especially if after the third-party platform completely dies, subscriptions from Valve’s new platform have actually increased so that they can’t be reached by the public.

This is what makes the community regret Valve’s final decision. Valve is truly a company that darkens the eye with no desire to embrace the smaller platform providers out there.

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