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Vietnamese Singer Son Tung’s New Song Inspired by a Girl He Can’t Forget

Vberni Regalado

Last night, Son Tung officially comeback with the song “Muon roi ma sao con”. For a long time, fans have enjoyed the feeling of hearing their idol’s new song live. Just like what was revealed earlier, the new single is a sweet pop-ballad with playful melody that easily touches the hearts of all young audiences. After listening, audience can only exclaim one word: Excellent.

In the video, Son Tung M-TP has time to talk and confide with fans. Talking about “Muon roi ma sao con,” Son Tung M-TP said that this is a very important milestone in his career, because the song was made by him from scratch, even producing it himself.

More specifically, Son Tung M-TP shared: “This is a song about a boy falling in love with a girl. When he got home, this guy stayed up all night, laughing to himself and thinking that if only one day he could meet this girl again to speak the feelings in his heart. And to hope that he has a chance to get closer to this girl.”

“After falling in love, everyone is silly. And I’m not alone with this feeling, I’m sure everyone will have this feeling. A feeling that I cannot muster myself all day long, all day long thinking, I miss her eyes, her smile, her lips, I miss all her gestures.”

After watching the MV, netizens commented that Son Tung today was like a new boy falling in love for the first time. At the same time, they are eagerly looking for the lucky girl mentioned in the clip? Is it Hai Tu or is it another girl? Please comment below your opinion.

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