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Vietnamese Singer Du Uyen Breaks Up with Dat G, Says Their Relationship Affects Her Work

Vberni Regalado

Finally, after many implicit posts about a bad relationship, Du Uyen confirmed that she ended a three-year relationship with Dat G.

On the afternoon of April 25, Du Uyen confirmed to the media that she and Dat G were officially on their way. She added that from now on the two will not collaborate with any music together. The singer thanked everyone for supporting their love.

Before that, the online community was aroused because of Du Uyen’s status, which was said to be a hint related to Dat G.

She wrote: “These days, I meet many people to solve old jobs and hear a lot of wrong and false things you tell about me. It is affecting my work and relationship. I promise to write the whole process from the moment you and me met, the things I have to bear today … To protect me. Dear NTD.”

Many people believe that Dat G’s real name is Nguyen Tien Dat. And this name is quite similar to the female singer mentioned as NTD.

In a TV program, Dat G said that he and his girlfriend first met in 2018, when he filmed the song “Tet Long Phung Sum Vay”. The male singer said that at first he had no impression of Du Uyen. When she graduated from the Academy of Music and had a dream of pursuing singing, Dat G decided to help.

During their time together, the two came out with some collaborations. The song “Banh mi khong” by the couple is viral and being loved by many audiences.

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