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DPC System A Problem For Pro-Teams

Dethan Dario

Pros are raising their concerns on the long breaks, late matches, and no playoffs in the DPC system.

“I think my wish for 2021 would be for them to change the DPC system for the next Major [cycle],” said T1 captain Carlo “Kuku” Palad

According to him, the length in between matches and the lack of a playoff segment in the new system is one of the reasons why he’s no longer enjoying DPC.

Puppey from Team Secret also raised opinion on the issue. Puppey said he was “not a big fan” of the current set up. “Looking at what I’m seeing, you have to win every game. No playing around,” he said.

Nikobaby of The Alliance also expressed disappointment in the system’s late matches. Alliance played Tundra until 2AM, a match too late which prompted casters to call out this issue.

Casters and coaches alike mention that it is weird for fans to watch a game culminate past midnight.

Currently, the DPC is set to host Singapore Major in March. Pro teams still have enough time to raise their issues for possible changes in the system.


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