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New Site Bashed For Writing Nora Alexandria’s Sex Life

Dethan Dario

detikcom article about social media star Nora Alexandra sex life drew everyone’s attention which forced Nora to call out the writer for not asking her permission.

According to sources, Detik’s article was taken from an instagram story of Nora which was a response to the influencer’s question from followers.

“If [the journalist] had directly messaged me, I would have answered. And I won’t allow for things like that to be an article in such a big media outlet, it’s not worth anything,” Nora said.

Detik was quick to respond with the issue by apologizing and taking down the said article.

“Detik will always try to respect privacy that ought not to be public consumption. This is a valuable lesson for Detik to be better in the future,” the statement told.


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