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Assassin Dave Exposes MobaZane, Threatens to File Charges


NACT shoutcaster David “Assassin Dave” Mao cried foul after Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun accused him of trying to kick BloodThirstyKings from the 2023 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup.

In a 32-page document, the prominent streamer from North America detailed the events that transpired prior to BTK’s disqualification from the MSC.

Assassin Dave cheers for MobaZane and The Valley during their M4 playoffs match against ONIC Esports.
Photo: Moonton

After BTK secured its NACT grand finals slot last April 30, Dave congratulated BTK and immediately informed them that they are allowed to make roster changes prior to the event. 

He also added below that they must submit their rosters for the IESF and the MSC before May 11 due to time constraint. Dave relayed the information to Team Outplay as well.

In the timeline, Dave revealed that the organizing committee did not receive a response from BTK on May 11. The team asked BTK to provide their MSC information at the venue but declined.

BTK eventually won the grand finals after a seven-game series against Team Outplay, who will now represent NA in the MSC.

Dave also revealed what truly happened after the grand finals, stating that he tried to help BTK until the last minute even though MobaZane forced his way into his hotel room.

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MobaZane went on a frenzy in his livestreams, calling Dave different names and accusing him of favoring Team Outplay.

Dave made a clear statement asserting that he suffered significant financial losses amounting to thousands of US Dollars as a result of the actions taken by MobaZane on social media.

Assasin Dave shows his support to MobaZane and The Valley during their match against Burn X Flash in M4.
Photo: Moonton

To support his claim, he provided various pieces of evidence, including news articles, YouTube videos, and other relevant links that demonstrated the negative impact inflicted upon his reputation.

Dave also attached screenshots of his conversation with MobaZane wherein the latter called his four new teammates ‘apes.’

In the end, the shoutcaster said that his legal team is dedicated to hold relevant parties responsible for what they caused.

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