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Why MobaZane Is Threatening To Quit ML Just Days After Winning NACT


BloodThirstyKing’s MobaZane is threatening to quit Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for good.

According to his good friend and former teammate Fwydchckn, BTK’s slot in the 2023 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup may be in danger as the NACT Spring champion is set to miss two players from its roster due to passport issues.

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Fwydchckn said that Assassin Dave informed MobaZane and his team about the rule that teams cannot change players heading into the MSC and the IESF. If a player from the champion team could not participate, the runner-up team will represent the region.

Dave, according to Fwydchckn, stated to BTK and Outplay previously that they can make roster changes ahead of the MSC.

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“Dave said in the rulebook that they can’t change players to go to MSC or IESF and if they can’t go, they’ll have to choose the next team instead of replacing the players,” said the EXP laner during a livestream.

“He [Assassin Dave] didn’t check the rules properly, which is his job, and shouldn’t have lied to both teams,” he added.

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MobaZane already said in a previous stream that Yato and Tea cannot travel outside the United States. The latter, according to Zane, doesn’t have any passport.

WIth this, MobaZane – the player responsible for bringing the NA region to relevance – is threatening to quit the game for good if their request to make changes in the roster is not approved.

“If they don’t Zane said that he’ll really just quit. So, it’s kinda like, threatening them in a way that he’ll just quit if they don’t.”

MobaZane and BTK are coming off a thrilling 4-3 win over Outplay in the NACT grand finals in Las Vegas.

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