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This Conversation Between MobaZane and Assassin Dave Might End BTK


NACT shoutcaster David “Assassin Dave” Mao recently responded to the allegations made by BTK team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun in a 32-page slide.

This came after the NACT grand final, where BTK emerged victorious in a thrilling best-of-seven series against Outplay, securing a slot in the MSC 2023 tournament in Cambodia.


However, Zane accused Dave of favoring Outplay and not assisting BTK with the necessary documents to travel abroad.

Moonton, the organizer of the tournament, released a statement confirming that Outplay would be replacing BTK at MSC 2023.

The decision was made due to BTK’s failure to secure their documents and one player not having parental consent to compete in Cambodia.

Following the announcement, Assassin Dave went on a livestream, revealing that MobaZane’s accusations had resulted in financial losses for him and his company.

He also mentioned receiving death threats and hateful messages personally.

Contrary to MobaZane’s claims, Dave stated that he had provided support to the team throughout the tournament.

He even shared an incident where he was the one in high spirits while Zane had nothing positive to say to his teammates before the NACT grand final.

MobaZane and Assassin Dave conversation

In a leaked conversation, Zane expressed his frustration with his rookie teammates, stating, “I’m not getting top four with these apes.”

However, Dave assured MobaZane that everything would be fine, to which he persisted with his original statement, doubting their chances of winning and expressing disappointment in playing alongside 16-year-old teammates who were not highly ranked.

During the livestream, Assassin Dave hinted at the possibility of taking legal action to address the damages caused by MobaZane’s accusations.

For more details, you can view the document here.

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