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Wasians to Lasians? Moonton Disqualifies This Team in NACT for Piloting


the NACT Committee has officially disqualified Team Wasians from the 2023 NACT Spring Season due to account piloting.

After a thorough investigation, it was confirmed that player Churro had been piloting another player’s account during the Saturday and Sunday matches of the tournament.

This behavior is a direct violation of the 2023 NACT Spring Rulebook, and as a result, the NACT Committee has issued severe punishments to both the team and players involved.

Team Wasians has been permanently banned from participating in official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports events, and they will receive no prize rewards for the 2023 NACT Spring Season.

Additionally, Eggo and Churro are banned from participating in any official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports events for a year, while Ashlay, Mercyless, HOV, Chacho, Kaede, and Ooga Booga are banned from participating for the next 90 days.

The NACT Committee’s decision has left the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports community in shock.

This disqualification has affected not only the team but also the tournament’s overall rankings.

The results of the 2023 NACT Spring Regular Season Seeding have been updated accordingly, reflecting Team Wasians’ disqualification.

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