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MobaZane on joining an MPL team: ‘Honestly I should have, a long time ago’


North American jungler Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun is highly regarded as one of the best junglers in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, prompting many fans to question why he is not part of an MPL team.

However, it has been revealed that this is not due to a lack of interest or payment. In a recent livestream, MobaZane admitted that it’s actually been his own fault that he hasn’t joined an MPL team earlier.

“Honestly, I should have [joined an MPL team], a long time ago.

Being surrounded by a lot more dedicated folk would have actually been quite nice,” MobaZane revealed in the livestream.

Despite the growing popularity of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in North America, the region still lacks the same level of stability as the MPL regions, especially in the Philippines and Indonesia.

When asked about why he has not been able to join an MPL team, MobaZane accepted partial responsibility for the situation.

“I haven’t really reached out to teams and a jungler is a very hard thing to replace, not many junglers get replaced,” he explained.

In contrast to MobaZane’s situation, his teammate FwydChckn is reportedly joining an Indonesian team after MSC 2023.

Currently, MobaZane is competing at NACT Spring 2023, hoping to represent North America in the mid-season tournament.

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