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Nigma Galaxy Begins WRL Asia with Astonishing Sweep of Trace Esports

Dethan Dario

Nigma Galaxy kicked off their WRL Asia campaign in spectacular fashion. The Filipino team delivered a resounding 2-0 sweep against their Chinese counterparts, Trace Esports.

Sean “Hide” Baguino, Aaron “Aaron” Bingay, and Justin “Juschie” Tan shone brightly, deftly overcoming resistance from their opponents with skillful plays.

In the opening match, Trace Esports gained an early 3-0 kill lead, but Nigma Galaxy swiftly rebounded, showcasing flawless engagements led by Golden Hart “Demonkite” Dajao on Ashe and Hide on Camille.

The result was a decisive four-man wipe of Trace Esports. Despite a seesaw battle thereafter, Trace Esports attempted a sneaky Baron take to gain control.

However, Nigma Galaxy refused to yield, executing death bush plays to regain momentum and eventually take down one of Trace Esports’ inhibitor towers.

A pivotal elder dragon steal from Aaron’s Jayce sealed the win for Nigma Galaxy, edging out Trace Esports with a tight 12-11 score. Hide finished with a 2-2-6 KDA, while Aaron added a 2-2-4 line.

With their confidence soaring from the Game 1 victory, Nigma Galaxy maintained their aggressive approach in Game 2, relentlessly pressuring their Chinese opponents with calculated invasions and rotations.

The result was a commanding 5-0 lead in favor of Nigma Galaxy, who continued to dominate the match, achieving a perfect 15-0 demolition of Trace Esports. Hide, on Renekton, exhibited unparalleled gameplay with a flawless 1-0-10 KDA, while Juschie exerted his control over the jungle with a perfect 8-0-1 line on Jayce.

Nigma Galaxy’s next formidable challenge in the WRL Asia tournament awaits them as they prepare to face SEA representative Buriram United from the APAC conference on April 14th.

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