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Moonmeander Assumes Coaching Role for TSM


After years of competitive matches in Dota, Moonmeander decides to move into a coaching role for TSM. However, who will replace the support duo?

Losing Dubu would be enough shock for TSM to scramble and try to find a new support. However, now TSM has to look for a support duo instead as Moonmeander moves to a coaching role for the team.

The decision was explained in a recent interview released by TSM for the captain’s departure from the active roster.

In a documentary and interview with Moonmeander, his history as a person and player was discussed thoroughly. After playing many years at the highest level, Moon felt it was time for him to step back into a more passive role.

With that, he announced that he would be moving into a coaching role with TSM.

However, this left another hole in TSM’s active roster as they were now down two supports. The support duo of both Moonmeander and Dubu were credited for TSM’s recent success. The team would need a worthy replacement for both players.

Speculations were made by the fans on who would replace the support duo at TSM.

Many signs pointed to the ex-EG support, Fly and Cr1t. They still remain teamless and without organization after their departure from EG. However, Fly had already let out information that the ex-EG players would mostly stick together.

Strong rumors were still circulating on Whitemon replacing Dubu at the team, which left one spot for the soft support role.

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