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Nigma Removes Their Coach in Latest Changes


Although Rmn had been together with Nigma for years as coach, he finally left the organization for the latest change in the organization.


After failing to qualify for The International 11, fans were expecting changes from Nigma Galaxy. Although GH had already announced that most of Nigma would stick together, the same does not apply to their coach.

Nigma announced that they were parting ways with Rmn, after four years of coaching the team.

In a short and concise statement, Nigma informed Rmn’s departure from the team as a coach. They wished the best of luck to their old coach, showing no animosity between themselves.

However, Rmn’s absence from the team left another question to answer for Nigma.

Fans were already speculating that the decision was made to accommodate Kuroky in the coaching role. Many felt Kuro’s in-game knowledge would be used better as a coach.

His mechanical skill as a player was a concern for fans after a bad showing in The International 11 qualifiers. Although Kuro played different roles, his longevity might have run out after years of competitive games.

With the potential of Kuroky’s departure as a player, Nigma would have to look for another support to complement GH. Names such as Whitemon and Dubu were thrown out as his potential replacement.

Both players were young enough to reignite the competitive desire of Nigma Galaxy, comprised of old veterans.

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