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Cr1t Sympathizes With Iceiceice After Qualifier Disqualification


Cr1t sympathized with his former teammate Iceiceice after Team SMG failed to enter TI11 SEA Qualifier due to roster registration problems.

The concern over Team SMG’s disqualification from the qualifier was still affecting pro players. One of EG players, Cr1t, expressed his concern over the veteran offlaner and his former teammate, Iceiceice.

At first, he was in disbelief over the news that Iceiceice wouldn’t be able to compete in the qualifier.

While streaming, Cr1t checked out his chat and saw some messages about Iceiceice’s qualification trouble. He immediately read the headline and asked his stream chat about the validity.

“SMG will not play in TI11 SEA Qualifier, is that real?” Cr1t asked his viewers.

He then proceeded to check the Liquipedia to confirm the truth, which unfortunately confirmed the rumor. Team SMG was listed as former participants of the qualifier in the page.

“That’s so sad. What a fu**ing shit year for Daryl (Iceiceice), I feel bad for him,” Cr1t shared.

Iceiceice himself was kicked by Team Secret before TI11 qualifier to make way for Resolut1on. Team Secret’s recent result with their new offlaner also speaks volume about Reso’s chemistry with the team.

However, it left Iceiceice with no choice, forcing him to join Team SMG in a last-ditch effort to qualify for TI11. This, however, seemed to fail because of roster registration mistakes.

Iceiceice himself seems to accept the fact that he would not compete in the qualifier with his recent tweet. Outpouring support were expressed in his Tweet, showing sympathy and condolences over his troubles.

With Team SMG out of the way, there would be bigger chance for other teams to try qualifying for TI11. Especially for the Last Chance Qualifier spot.

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