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BOOM Esports, Biggest ‘Winner’ of SEA’s Great Reshuffle


Ever since their latest addition to their roster, BOOM Esports is indisputably the winner of the Great SEA reshuffle.

BOOM Reshuffle

After losing most of their solid pillars such as Skem and Jacky, many thought the days of BOOM’s domination were finished. However, BOOM is returning with the addition of veterans and hungry newcomers as part of its reshuffle.

Additions such as xNova and Natsumi were regarded as one of the best reshuffles that BOOM has done this season.

BOOM announced their new roster from their various social media, including Twitter. At first, they teased their fans by releasing the names of their players one by one. Starting with Natsumi, fans already thought that BOOM would be having a successful shuffle.

However, they didn’t expect more famous names to be added after the new, hungry carry.

Xepher for BOOM Reshuffle

Xepher was next to be announced as the new soft support of BOOM Esports. His successful career with T1 gave fans hope that Fbz’s new lane partner would dominate the offlane.

The next addition was a shock to many, as he was a successful veteran capable of walking into many teams.

The multiple Grand Finalist and an ex-player of PSG.LGD, xNova, also joined the team. With his experience playing at the highest level, BOOM is expected to continue its domination of the SEA scene for a while.

Moreover, they were now having the potential of winning tournaments and Majors as well. Should they manage to achieve good chemistry between them, a successful TI12 is on paper.

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