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Fnatic Trials Gabbi, Kpii for Their Roster


To complete their roster, Fnatic added both Gabbi and Kpii for the BTS Pro Series 13, although temporarily.

Ever since Fnatic departed with some of their players, they had been looking to rebuild their roster. They managed to land some of the best in the SEA scene, specifically Gabbi and Kpii.

However, interestingly Fnatic hadn’t made their addition to the roster permanent yet.

From their social media accounts, Fnatic announced the addition of both Gabbi and Kpii. They will be joining Armel, Jaunuel, and DJ in the complete roster of Fnatic. However, they added a teasing question that indicated that their lineup might not be final.

Their intuition to keep the players in trial might be due to the fact that both players were still rusty.

The rustiness of both core players was evidently seen in BTS Pro Series 13 when they faced Xerxia. Although they were expected to defeat Xerxia easily, Fnatic only managed to get a draw after a tough first-game defeat.

They managed to bounce back in the second game and got one point from the match, avoiding a total defeat.

Fans thought that their bad performance against Xerxia might be only due to the limited chemistry of the team. They were confident that Fnatic would hit the ground running after gaining a lot more chemistry between the players.

However, there were still worries over the addition of both Gabbi and Kpii, who might be still rusty after their absence from The International 11.

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