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TORONTOTOKYO Seen Practicing Support for Next Team


After a bad showing with Team Spirit at The International 11, TORONTOTOKYO is now practicing support for his next team.

Although fans had the opinion of him to be one of the best midlaners in Dota, TORONTOTOKYO thought otherwise. The recent defeat with Team Spirit at The International 11 shook his morale enough to consider switching roles.

His recent games also showed TORONTOTOKYO transitioning into a support role, validating the new team rumor.

The rumor was spreading among the fans after TORONTOTOKYO’s recent public matches. His match history left an impression of a core player switching to support. Judging from the matches, fans were having an opinion of him playing the soft support role.

However, his main reason to switch positions and leaving Team Spirit was still a matter of debate for the fans.

The latest words circulating among the community was TORONTOTOKYO forming a team with Nightfall and Save. The two young players from EEU represent new talents with the drive to win a TIs.

Team Spirit’s victory in TI10 could indicate a golden age passing through the EEU region. Many predicted a change of rosters as there would be players that already felt “satisfied” with their current achievement.

Although nothing was final yet, Team Spirit had already released a cryptic remark in one of their vlogs. Their latest video showed their willingness to come back, yet unclear whether their core roster would stick together or not.

With TORONTOTOKYO’s recent matches on support, it would seem the rumor is getting closer to reality.

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