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TORONTOTOKYO Considers Leaving Team Spirit


TORONTOTOKYO is close to leaving Team Spirit due to a breakdown in communication, and a desire to play with other players.

After the disastrous exit from The International 11, fans were expecting a roster shuffle from Team Spirit. Although there were hopes that the team sticks together, it seems the first sign of a roster shuffle had emerged.

The latest rumor was from TORONTOTOKYO, who was considering his options including leaving Team Spirit.

As per Escorenews, the catalyst of the midlaner’s departure from the team was the poor showing of Team Spirit. They finished 13th-16th in The International 11, with a disappointing defeat against the SEA champions, BOOM Esports.

In the recently published vlog by Team Spirit, TORONTOTOKYO was seen arguing with his teammates numerous times after defeats. The friction could be one of the reasons why TORONTOTOKYO would want to leave the team.

From the sources, Toronto was planning to form a roster with a specific group of players. The players themselves were Save and Nightfall. Save himself was still inactive in the Virtus Pro bench without any suitors for him yet.

However, Nightfall was still fresh from the defeat of Evil Geniuses. It was still unclear whether he was ready to move teams yet or not.

Fans’ reactions to the rumors were less than satisfactory. Many of them went on to say that the roster itself was doomed to failure. It seems the chaotic personality of the players was regarded as one of their downfalls in professional teams.

With TORONTOTOKYO still officially playing for Team Spirit, it seems unclear whether the rumor had any truth in it or not.

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