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Synderen and Dendi Complains About Ranked Pubs


Both personalities of Dota, Synderen and Dendi, recently complained about ranked pubs quality being low, especially in higher ranks.

Pro players have voiced their concerns about ranked games for a long time. However, it seems the number of low quality games have reached a new high.

Due to this, several personalities such as Synderen and Dendi voiced their concerns over this situation.

Synderen became one of the player that personally experienced the situation by himself. Although he only made one mistake, one of his teammates immediately throws the game after it.

“My bad dude. I made one mistake, and I think it justifies you going AFK into the game,” Synd sarcastically said to his teammate who threw the game.

“So boring guys, Dota is devolving into this sh*thole, it’s so frustrating to watch it happen.”

“I’ll tell you this much, pubs right now are the worst they’ve ever been for 15 years.”

Synderen also elaborated that he doesn’t know what caused it, or how to fix it. It seems the frequency of it happening made him concerned about the well-being of the game’s community.

Dendi also voiced his frustration about the state of the game in higher brackets.

“At 600 ranks, the games were very, very bad. It doesn’t matter if I keep PMA or anything, it will not make games matter. And I can’t get out of this bracket, because Dota is very team-focused nowadays.”

There were opinions that making DPC players immune to matchmaking bans and reports were the contributing factor of this situation.

However, there might be even deeper problem rooted in the gameplay of Dota itself that made such things happen in many game recently.

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